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Diabetic Options

At Foot Supports International we understand that foot problems can pose a major risk for people living with diabetes.

Proper footwear is an important part of an overall treatment program for people with diabetes, even for those in the earliest stages of the disease. If there is any evidence of neuropathy, or lack of sensation, wearing the right footwear is crucial.
Footwear for people with diabetes should achieve the following objectives:
  • Relieve areas of excessive pressure. Any area where there is excessive pressure on the foot can lead to breakdown or ulcers. Footwear should help to relieve these high-pressure areas.
  • Reduce shock and shear. A reduction in the overall amount of vertical pressure, or shock, on the bottom of the foot is desirable, as well as a reduction of horizontal movement of the foot.
  • Accommodate, stabilize and support deformities. Deformities resulting from conditions such as Charcot involvement, loss of fatty tissue, hammer toes and amputations must be accommodated. Many deformities need to be stabilized to relieve pain and avoid further damage.
  • Limit motion of joints. Limiting the motion of certain joints in the foot can often decrease inflammation, relieve pain, and result in a more stable and functional foot.
Peak plantar pressure is linked to the formation of neuropathic foot ulcers. Reducing plantar pressure forms one important element of the ulcer prevention strategy, particularly in neuropathic feet with reduced or absent protective sensation
The idea of inserts should be to
  • Provides better pressure distribution
  • Soft tissue arch support
  • Cushions and protects the entire planter surface
  • Insulates against cold hardwalking surfaces
  • Reduces the force of impact and supports the arch
  • Deep heel cups gives stability and support
  • Provides maximum foot protection without taking up needed space in the shoe.

We recommend the nylon padded support from our range as the best option for those living with diabetes but we always recommend you show your foot supports to your doctor before using them
Padded 3/4 covered Balance Walker

Padded 3/4 covered Balance Walker

Opulex black 1.5mm thin dress cushion over Balance Walker shell
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