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Sports Range

  For Maximum performance use the Sports Formula!

Top Sportspeople alternate between lifts for the best results! People use the Balance Walkers for everyday use and the Balance Workers in their training shoes. The foot loves change so it is a great idea to Shift the Lift for maximum results! 

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Testimonials from sportsmen:

Jeff Wilson (ex All Black): 'Within days I felt improvement in my stability and posture. The Balance Worker is comfortable to wear and fits in all my footwear requirements.'

Ben Botica (North Harbour Rugby): 'The Balance Foot Supports feel really good, they make my posture feel better and have helped relieve and reduce some historical back pain.'

Corey Aporo (North Harbour Rugby): 'I noticed an instant change in my posture. The Balance Worker has reduced soreness, in my Achilles, and are extremely comfortable to wear.'

James Parsons (North Harbour Rugby): 'My posture and stability have all improved since using the Balance Worker. It enables me to lift with greater confidence and strength.'

The Balance Walker Sports Range has the same Balance Walker Shell but the products are covered in high quality top covers. Designed to perform to sports level. The top covers provide cushioning covers with high wear-ability!
Padded Sports Walker

Padded Sports Walker

The Ultimate Sports Comfort Arch Support. The Balance WALKER fitted beneath a sturdy anti-bacterial cushion.
Inc. sales tax
Full Length Sports Walker Cushioned Insole

Full Length Sports Walker Cushioned Insole

Golfers Choice- Balance Walker Arch support covered with full length Sports Insole
Inc. sales tax
Full Length Walker Orthotic

Full Length Walker Orthotic

Balance Walker with Full Length 4.5mm attached cushion
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