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Its all about Balance!
Better Sports Performance
Better Balance & Posture
Better Life


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Better Performance..

  • Walking
  • Running

Tell us what hurts..

Arch supports can provide relief to a wide range of problems
Medical Professionals have found many people's problems have disappeared...

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Balance Foot Supports 
The thinnest, sleekest, most effective foot support in the world, that fits in every shoe. Instantly solving posture & balance problems while
 fixing heel & foot pain, ankle & knee pain, hip & back pain, even swollen ankles or your Money Back.


Meet Rosalinda Johnson, the co-founder of Good Feet and FSI; bringing the world's attention to the benefits of Balance Foot Supports, since 1995.


Biomechanics expert Justin Price explains how by repositioning your feet, lifting your weight off of painful pressure points and supporting your archs, Balance Foot Supports balance your entire body. As a result, your pain goes away.


When your medical professional cant solve your foot problems come and see us. Since 1995 our foot support designs have solved problems for millions of people throughout the world.



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