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Balance Supports Reseller Opportunities

FSI's product range has a wide and varied global audience appeal. Providing instant balance and better posture appeals to all people but, most adults will also experience some form of chronic foot, ankle, knee, hip or lower back pain in their lives. A high quality orthotic is one of the first steps in helping relieve such symptoms, ensuring a steady stream of customers for your new product range.

Benefits of FSI Distribution

  • Comprehensive marketing & branding: With some of the most recognisable faces in the infomercial space discussing the use and benefits of orthotics, FSI provides engaging and educational information via its infomercial media library. 
  • Providing a service to a broad market: With 80% of adults experiencing some form of lower back or lower limb pain in their lives people are always searching for an answer, and FSI provides a genuine solution.
  • Complete packaging solutions: FSI has a range of packing options from bulk supply to quality retail grade full colour foil bags through to formal presentation boxes.
  • A large product range for all price points: Wether its retail, pharmacies, direct selling, wholesale, tradeshow, specilty stores or direct marketing/infomercials, FSI has a product to meet your markets price point.
  • A product leader with a long and proven history, supported by hundreds of genuine testimonials
  • Our product range ensure's excellent margins with attractive wholesale pricing and discounts for volume.

Visit our listing for the TravelFeet product range on Amazon USA to see how people have had thier lives changed.

Balance Buddy 4 copy-815Exclusive Global Distribution

"If you can get exclusive distribution, you're not likely to have competition directed at the same product"

FSI recognises that a manufacturer/distributor relationship can work far more efficiently if the distributor knows they won’t be dealing with additional competition in their chosen marketplace. FSI has already contracted exclusive rights in several countries around the world to key partners.

Our Worldwide Patents and Trademarks gives our distributors the confidence to bring our products to thier national markets.

"If we are going to put all this time, energy and financial resources into the product, it made the most sense to be an exclusive distributor"

By obtaining exclusive rights to a country,state or region of their country our distributors know that the time and investment they are making to maximise their chosen sales channels are being well spent. Our products are the best in the industry and have a twenty year track record in a range of industries.

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Medical Fields

Recommended by medical professionals, orthotics are widely used in the medical field. Sometimes prescribed pre or post-surgery to help with rehabilitation, a quality orthotic can help the recovery process of a patient. Chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and other health professionals all have patients that can benefit from using an orthotic in relieving pain. These all represent additional markets for a distributor to sell to. Our "Foot Locker" system provides an assortment of orthotics for medical professionals to provide to their patients, as a sales channel it is an excellent all-in-one offering that is simply restocked on a weekly basis.



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